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Innovative Traffic Guidance &
Hazard Warning Device
For use in emergencies


A unique, folding, hazard warning device designed specifically to capitalise on the space saving features of a thin, flat blade. The Quickcone™ (Kwik-Kone US), stands 45cm / 18ins high, and in an emergency situation can be deployed rapidly using just one hand. To do so it is placed upon the ground whereupon it locks into the open position, to put away simply lift it up and it immediately unlocks for easy storage. It offers the best possible combination of portability and stability, it can be deployed in seconds and the highly reflective surface offers excellent night-time brilliance and the bright orange plastic gives the best day-time visibility. It possesses the benefits of a road cone but folds into a small space for storage.

To highlight the versatility of Quickcone™, the Dutch Railways have introduced a new safety regime where the extent of works on the railway are demarcated by Quickcones™. In the US paramedics use special sets of cones numbered 1 to 4 as triage markers which are deployed to indicate the level of attention needed at the scene of accidents with multiple casualties.

Quickcone™ can be bought singly, in a bag of two, bag of four or a box of eight and can be viewed here.

Railway Operators
Fire Brigade
Emergency Services